The Region Music Production team, originating from the streets of

Brooklyn New York consists of Tyler "Tig" Smith, Nate "Spillberg" Greenberg

DeQuan "D9" Henderson, & Edward "Ruc" Coffey Jr. 


These friends all of whom have different musical backgrounds and educational training, have come together to bring the entertainment industry a unique , heavy hitting sound that is far beyond today's everyday sound.


Tig and Spillberg began to work together productively first and formed

the hit making production duo "The Bredwinnaz" which successfully

produced music for just over 8 years, and at the same time Tig and D9 were

also separately working on music as "TyQuanDoe"


While each duo of music was creating

great sounds, Tig, is always looking to expand and better himself and his partners in their musical endeavors. Why not take all this heat and create fire to put on these streets. Let us break this barrier and put in work together . From there in 2010 "The Region Music" was born.


These musical geniuses came together,

each bringing different sound dynamics & presence that leave people hypnotized wanting more.


Nate "Spillberg" quiet yet comical with years of extensive educational and technical training brings the brains. 

Dequan "D9" free spirited yet passionate & his successful career in the music & film fields, brings the heart & soul.

Edward " Ruc"soulful yet grounded . bringing his flavor of solid  hip hop roots & R&B Vibes.

& Tyler "Tig" strong minded  yet real & his nonstop beast leadership and never ending drive, with the heart ,and passion for The Region Music, brings the guts & glory. 


While each of these members are phenomenal individually , they also all know the ins and outs behind the boards so that they can bring more to the table and help expand the diverse and distinctive sound to be heard as "The Region Music".


Some of their past years together they had made there mark, by featuring numerous exclusive Region tracks on a show called "Hustle" on the Fuse Channel Executive Produced by Sean “Diddy” Combs.


This masterminding group of men, with versatile knowledge and the passion for music is a force to be reckon with. Their unique sounds and ability to create music that is beyond that every day ordinary radio play.

If you appreciate and have an ear for real music, music that moves your soul, than don't lose focus and hold on tight .

We're coming loud and clear just like our tag says ...


" The Region Music " ya heard ...